[INCIDENT] LAM Linhas Aereas de Mocambique Boeing 737 collided with a drone in mid air

A LAM Lineas Areas de Mocambique Boeing 737-752(WL), registered C9-BAQ (MSN 33792) performing domestic flight TM136 from Maputo to Tete (Mozambique), was on final approach to Tete when the crew heard a loud bang.

The aircraft involved in the incident. Copyright: Mark Lawrence on jetphotos

The crew presumed they had suffered a bird strike and continued to make the approach and a safe landing. A post flight examination revealed a drone had impacted the right hand side of the radome.

The airline confirmed the occurrence and a replacement aircraft was dispatched to Tete to perform the return flight. The aircraft involved in the incident is currently being repaired.

Luckily the aircraft did not suffer any damage to the two Pitot tubes and Attitude sensor near the radome, which would have cause the communication of wrong data to flight computers.

Photos of the damage to the radome: