Boeing and Airbus announce 2016 delivery and order performance 

In the last few days both Airbus and Boeing have announced their delivery and order numbers, proving the aviation industry is still growing.



In 2016 Boeing has recorded strong commercial delivery numbers and has achieved several milestones in its aircraft development programs.

Boeing has received a total of 668 new net (848 new gross) orders last year, valued at US$94.1 billion at list prices. But the company has not been able to achieve a book-to-bill of 1 (0,893) this year:it has, in fact delivered a total of 748 commercial aircraft, making its backlog drop of 80 aircraft to a total of 5,715 unfulfilled orders.

Boeing aircraft development programs have continued to make big progress in 2016: the 737 MAX has achieved its first flight and is undergoing flight testing; the first 787-10 has entered the final assembly line in North Charleston and the 777X Composite Wing Center has been opened in Everett.

Boeing 737 family

The 737NG/MAX families have received 550 net (701 gross) orders in 2016 throughout all variants. Deliveries arrive just short of 500 (490), meaning 4452 aircraft are backlogged, making the 737 Family the one with the most unfilled orders.

Image copyright: Boeing

Development of the 737 MAX is on schedule, the brand new aircraft has achieved its maiden flight earlier last year and has been busy with flight testing ever since. The first delivery should be for Southwest Airlines in the third quarter of this year.

Boeing 747 family

The 747 family has received only 18 gross (17 net) orders and only 9 have been delivered in 2016. The backlog for the 747 is really small, accounting only 28 orders to be fulfilled.

Most of the orders Boeing received for the 747 are by UPS, which ordered 14 B747-8Fs. Deliveries should start this year.

Boeing 767 family

The 767 family has received just 26 gross/net orders and 13 have been delivered, leaving 93 orders unfilled.

Boeing 777 family

The 777/X family has gotten 23 new gross orders (17 net) and 99 have been delivered. The backlog consists of 442 aircraft yet to be delivered.

The 777X development is on its way, the rollout of the first aircraft should happen in 2018 and entry into service is scheduled for 2020.

Image copyright: Boeing

Boeing 787 family

The 787 family has received 80 new gross orders (58 net) and has achieved a total of 137 aircraft, leaving an outstanding 700 orders unfilled.

Image copyright: Rolls Royce

The development of the 787-10 should be on schedule as the first prototype has entered the final assembly line in December last year. The first flight is scheduled to happen sometime this year and the first delivery scheduled for 2018.



In 2016 Airbus has recorded a growth in deliveries from 2015, which means it has been growing for the 14th year in a row; in fact 688 aircraft have been delivered in comparison to the 635 delivered in 2015 (8% growth).

731 new net orders from 51 customers 88 of which are new) have been announced last year, meaning Airbus has been able to achieve a book-to-bill bigger than 1 (1,0625). These include orders for 607 A320 ceo/neo Family aircraft.

The backlog stands at 6,874 unfulfilled orders, valued at US$1,018 billion at list prices.

Multiple milestones were achieved in 2016: the delivery of the 10,000th Airbus aircraft; the first flight of the A350-1000; the start of deliveries of both engine variants of the A320neo; the P&W-powered A321neo received certification; the first US-built aircraft was delivered from Mobile, Alabama; the delivery of the first A330 Regional; the launch of the new Airspace by Airbus cabin and the first A330neo has commenced assembly in the Final Assembly Line.

Airbus A320 family

The A320 family received 607 more orders in total. These orders are for 561 A320neos and 46 A320ceos. 545 aircraft of the family were delivered, 68 of which are A320neo aircraft (39 equipped with P&W engines, 29 with CFM engines).

Image copyright: Airbus

A321ceos account to 40% of total deliveries of the A320 Family, which means Airbus “owns” the perfect Middle of the Market aircraft.

Airbus A330 family

The A330 is still proving to be an important aircraft for Airbus, but only 66 have been delivered in 2016; the first A330 Regional is part of those. The family received 83 new orders, 42 for the neo and 41 for the ceo.

Airbus has announced that the development of the A330neo is on track, the first flight is expected in the first half of this year.

Image copyright: Airbus

Airbus A350 family

Airbus has really made huge progress on the production rate of the A350-900 delivering 49 aircraft to 11 customer, 7 of which are new. This means that Airbus has increased the production rate by 3.5 times in comparison to 2015. The European manufacturer expect to reach a rate of 10/month by the end of 2018.

The A350 family received only 41 orders in 2016, making the order book reach the outstanding number of 818 from 44 customer. 195 of those orders are for A350-1000 aircraft from 11 customers.

The development of the A350-1000 is on track and the first delivery is scheduled to happen in the second half of this year.

Image copyright: Airbus

Airbus said the A350-2000 is feasible but that it’s not their top priority.

Airbus A380

The A380 program has succeeded in breaking even this year, but just 28 aircraft were delivered and no new orders were placed.

Airbus is preparing to reduce the rate of production to 12 aircraft/year, which should already happen this year.

In the Q&A at the end of the press conference Airbus has said that it considered the development of the so-called A380neo, but it thinks the time has not come yet.


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