Boeing Introduces New 737-10X MAX Variant

Just recently, The Boeing Company has announced a new variant of the 737MAX, the -10X.

df-737max_diagrams_new.jpg Boeing has been in talks with customers for this stretched variant which is a response to the Airbus A321neo. The -10X will have a stretch over the -9 of 66 inches which will enable an increased seating capacity of 189 passengers for a two-class configuration. For a single class configuration, seating is an impressive 230 seats.

Since the -10X is very similar to other variants of the MAX family, Boeing is able to keep development costs to a minimum while also having a faster developing time. The -10X has a scheduled EIS as soon as 2020.

The 737-10X will incorporate the same CFM LEAP-1B engines found on all other variants. In order to accommodate increased weight, Boeing will implement a trailing-link main gear which will shift the rotation point aft. This technology is somewhat derived from the 777-300ER and is sought to be less maintenance heavy.

Both Airbus and Boeing are competing for the Boeing 757 replacement market. The 757 is a benchmark because it has an excellent range of 4,000 miles with a seating capacity of 180 seats, which no airliner has beat thus far, regardless of Boeing canceling the program more than a decade ago.


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