airBaltic to launch long-haul CSeries flights


airBaltic will deploy the CSeries on its first long-haul route. The aircraft will be used to serve Abu Dhabi four times a week from the Latvian capital Riga, in cooperation with Etihad. The airline received its first CS300 in November, which was introduced on the Riga-Amsterdam sector in December. Service will commence on October 29, 2017.

“We are delighted to link Latvia and the UAE with our brand-new Bombardier CS300 that fly longer distances and reach airports that we were not able to serve with our fleet before. Our codeshare cooperation with Etihad Airways will offer convenient connections to passengers traveling from the Baltic airports to the UAE capital Abu Dhabi and further to key destinations in Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, as well as provide new traveling opportunities from Abu Dhabi to European and Scandinavian airports” says AirBaltic CEO Martin Gauss.

The airline previously served the UAE capital in cooperation with Etihad a few years ago using the Airbus A319.





United announces second international 777-300ER route

United 77W 777-300ER
© Joe G. Walker

United, currently the newest Boeing 777-300ER operator, has filed its second international route that will utilize the new aircraft. The aircraft currently flies between Newark and San Francisco until May 4th and the type will also replace the 747 on the San Francisco – Hong Kong route from March 25th.

The aircraft type will now be used on one of the two daily flights to Tel Aviv, replacing the 777-200ER starting May 5th.

From airlineroute:

UA084 EWR1640 – 1015+1TLV 777 D
UA090 EWR2245 – 1620+1TLV 77W D

UA085 TLV1215 – 1710EWR 777 D
UA091 TLV2310 – 0415+1EWR 77W D

Norwegian increases frequency on 29 Spanish routes

Photo by Avineesh S.

With the addition of many new jets in 2017, Norwegian will be increasing the frequency on 29 Spanish routes.

From airlinteroute:

Alicante – Gothenburg eff 10JUN17 Increase from 3 to 4 weekly
Alicante – Oslo Peak season frequency increases from 18 to 19 weekly
Alicante – Stockholm Arlanda Peak season frequency increases from 10 to 11 weekly
Barcelona – Copenhagen eff 26MAR17 Increase from 14 to 18 weekly
Barcelona – Dubrovnik Seasonal 2 weekly flights will begin from 03MAY17 (Aug – Oct in 2016)
Barcelona – Gran Canaria/Las Palmas eff 26MAR17 Increase from 6 to 7 weekly
Barcelona – Hamburg eff 26MAR17 Increase from 1 to 2 weekly
Gran Canaria/Las Palmas – Copenhagen eff 02MAY17 Increase from 2 to 3 weekly
Gran Canaria/Las Palmas – Hamburg eff 03MAY17 Increase from 1 to 2 weekly
Gran Canaria/Las Palmas – Munich eff 02MAY17 Increase from 1 to 2 weekly
Gran Canaria/Las Palmas – Oslo eff 26MAR17 Increase from 4 to 6 weekly, 7 weekly from 05MAY17
Gran Canaria/Las Palmas – Oslo Sandefjord 1 weekly service operates entire summer season (Aug – Oct in 2016)
Gran Canaria/Las Palmas – Stockholm Arlanda eff 01MAY17 Increase from 2 to 3 weekly
Madrid – Oslo eff 26MAR17 Increase from 3 to 6 weekly
Madrid – Stockholm Arlanda eff 26MAR17 Increase from 4 to 7 weekly
Malaga – Aalborg eff 02MAY17 Increase from 2 to 3 weekly
Malaga – Gothenburg eff 01MAY17 Increase from 2 to 3 weekly
Malaga – Helsinki eff 06MAY17 Increase from 7 to 8 weekly
Malaga – Munich eff 29MAR17 Increase from 2 to 3 weekly, 4 weekly from 07MAY17
Malaga – Stockholm Arlanda Peak season frequency increases from 13 to 17 weekly
Malaga – Trondheim eff 02MAY17 Increase from 1 to 2 weekly
Palma Mallorca – Aalborg 13JUN17 – 26SEP17 Increase from 1 to 2 weekly
Palma Mallorca – Copenhagen eff 26MAR17 Increase from 11 to 14 weekly (16 weekly during peak season June – August 2017)
Palma Mallorca – Gothenburg 23JUN17 – 11AUG17 Increase from 2 to 4 weekly
Palma Mallorca – Helsinki 12JUN17 – 25SEP17 Increase from 4 to 6 weekly (5 weekly from 26SEP17)
Palma Mallorca – London Gatwick eff 26MAR17 Increase from 3 to 6 weekly
Tenerife South – Cologne eff 04MAY17 Increase from 1 to 2 weekly
Tenerife South – Copenhagen Service converts from seasonal to year-round, 1 weekly on/after 06MAY17
Tenerife South – Oslo eff 03MAY17 Increase from 1 to 2 weekly

Norwegian adds additional flights from Düsseldorf

Photo by Eric M.

Along with the airline’s earlier announced new routes to Alicante, Barcelona, Málaga Palma de Mallorca and Tenerife, which will start this summer season, the airline will now also add flights to Gran Canaria. The flights will begin on May 4 and operate once a week on Thursdays. The route is operated by Norwegian Air International (D8) and will be flown with the 737-800.

Schedule from airlineroute:

D85952 LPA1130 – 1700DUS 73H 4
D85953 DUS1745 – 2115LPA 73H 4

Norwegian announces first, transatlantic MAX-routes

Boeing 737 max norwegian
Render by Boeing

Yesterday (Thursday), Norwegian announced 10 new transatlantic routes from the UK and Ireland. These will all be operated with the airline’s new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, and will total up to 38 new weekly flights from Cork, Shannon, Dublin, Belfast and Edinburgh.

The airline is focusing on smaller US airports, which have significantly lower landing fees. This means they will be able to offer flights as low as €69/£69. The airline will serve Stewart International Airport, Bradley Airport and Providence International Airport. This is an addition to the region where the airline already serves New York-JFK, Boston Logan Airport, and Newark Liberty starting later this year.

The new flights are already out on Norwegian’s websites. The first flights will start in May, with the remainder during the summer (June/July). Flights schedule is below.

Norwegian CEO Bjorn Kjos said: “We are pleased to announce our new highly-anticipated transatlantic routes. Our new, non-stop service will enable tens of thousands of new travellers to fly between the continents much more affordably. Norwegian’s latest transatlantic offering is not only great news for the traveling public, but also for the local U.S, Irish and UK economies as we will bring more tourists that will increase spending, supporting thousands of local jobs.

“We are excited to finally be able to launch services to the US from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, and we would like to express a big gratitude for the extensive support from consumer groups, government officials, airports, and the travel and tourism industry on both sides of the Atlantic in our quest to offer affordable transatlantic flights for all.”

Schedule from airlineroute below:

Belfast – Newburgh Stewart eff 01JUL17 3 weekly
D81751 BFS1540 – 1825SWF 7M8 2
D81751 BFS1620 – 1905SWF 7M8 46

D81750 SWF2150 – 0945+1BFS 7M8 135

Service operates 2 weekly in W17, eff 29OCT17 (Day 26 from BFS, Day 15 from SWF)

Belfast – Providence eff 02JUL17 2 weekly (seasonal service)
D81801 BFS1545 – 1820PVD 7M8 26
D81800 PVD2130 – 0920+1BFS 7M8 15

Cork – Providence eff 01JUL17 3 weekly
D81821 ORK1620 – 1905PVD 7M8 246
D81820 PVD2050 – 0845+1ORK 7M8 135

Service operates 2 weekly in W17 (Day 47 from ORK, Day 36 from PVD)

Dublin – Newburgh Stewart eff 01JUL17 1 daily
D81763 DUB1545 – 1845SWF 7M8 45
D81763 DUB1555 – 1855SWF 7M8 123
D81763 DUB1600 – 1900SWF 7M8 167

D81762 SWF1955 – 0755+1DUB 7M8 123
D81762 SWF2035 – 0835+1DUB 7M8 456
D81760 SWF2035 – 0835+1DUB 7M8 7

Service operates 3 weekly in W17 (Day 135 from DUB, Day 247 from SWF)

Dublin – Providence eff 02JUL17 5 weekly
D81823 DUB1545 – 1835PVD 7M8 x246
D81823 DUB1555 – 1845PVD 7M8 4

D81822 PVD2000 – 0755+1DUB 7M8 247
D81822 PVD2030 – 0825+1DUB 7M8 36

Service operates 3 weekly in W17 (Day 135 from DUB, Day 247 from PVD)

Edinburgh – Hartford eff 17JUN17 3 weekly
D81608 EDI1740 – 2020BDL 7M8 246
D81609 BDL2135 – 0930+1EDI 7M8 246

Service operates 2 weekly in W17 (Day 36)

Edinburgh – Newburgh Stewart eff 15JUN17 1 daily
D81600 EDI1715 – 2000SWF 7M8 D
D81601 SWF2125 – 0925+1EDI 7M8 D

Service operates 3 weekly in W17 (Day 247)

Edinburgh – Providence eff 16JUN17 4 weekly
D81604 EDI1730 – 2010PVD 7M8 x246
D81605 PVD2125 – 0925+1EDI 7M8 x246

Service operates 2 weekly in W17 (Day 15)

Shannon – Newburgh Stewart eff 01JUL17 2 weekly
D81765 SNN1540 – 1825SWF 7M8 3
D81765 SNN1615 – 1900SWF 7M8 7

D81764 SWF2025 – 0820+1SNN 7M8 26

Service operates 2 weekly in W17 (Day 47 from SNN, Day 36 from SWF)

Shannon – Providence eff 02JUL17 2 weekly
D81825 SNN1625 – 1855PVD 7M8 15
D81824 PVD2035 – 0825+1SNN 7M8 47

Service operates 2 weekly in W17 (Day 26 from SNN, Day 15 from PVD)

[INCIDENT] Flybe Dash 8 suffered main gear collapse at Amsterdam Schiphol

At 15:55 UTC (16:55 local time) on 23rd Feburary, a Flybe Dash 8 aircraft operating flight BE1284 suffered a collapse of the right hand side main landing gear while landing on Runway 22 at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Int’l Airport while attempting to land during Storm Doris.

©Matt Lorenson

Videos from the incident suggest that the right hand main landing gear slowly folded back in during landing rollout. The aircraft came to rest on the runway with the right hand wing tip contacting the ground.

The flight crew issued a mayday call after the incident and subsequently issued another mayday call, stating that they were evacuating the aircraft due to smoke in the cabin.

David Fleming, one of the passengers onboard, captured this video of the incident from inside the aircraft.

As fire crews responded to the incident, passengers evacuated onto the runway. None of the 59 occupants were injured in the landing incident but the aircraft sustained substantial damage. Aircraft next in line for landing on Runway 22 were instructed to go around by tower controllers

The aircraft involved in the incident was 10.5 year old De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8 G-JECP (MSN 4136). The aircraft was manufactured at Bombardier’s Toronto Downsview plant and was delivered to Flybe on 31st October 2006.

G-JECP at London Gatwick in late 2014 ©Chris Pitchacaren

Flybe flight BE1284 is a scheduled passenger flight from Edinburgh Int’l (EDI/EGPH) to Amsterdam Schiphol Int’l (AMS/EHAM).

Storm Doris has been causing havoc to airports around Europe; at the time of landing, wind at Schiphol was recorded as 240 degrees at 31 knots, gusting to 46 knots with the wind direction varying between 210 and 270 degrees.

METARs for the times leading up to and at the time of the incident

14:55 UTC / 15:55 local time:
EHAM 231455Z 23034G48KT 180V260 9999 FEW022 09/03 Q0985 TEMPO 7000 -RA BKN020

15:25 UTC / 16:25 local time:
EHAM 231525Z 24037G51KT 9999 -RA FEW020 SCT032 08/04 Q0985 TEMPO 7000 BKN020

15:55 UTC / 16:55 local time:
EHAM 231555Z 24031G46KT 210V270 9999 -RA FEW020 SCT028 BKN037 08/04 Q0985 TEMPO 7000 BKN020

This video captures the moment when the incident occurred.

Korean Air receives their first 787-9

Korean 787
(C) Korean Air

South Korea’s largest airline and flag carrier, Korean Air, received its very first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner yesterday (Feb 22) at a handover ceremony at the manufacturers Charleston plant. It is the first of 10.

When the airplane arrives in South Korea it will operate the domestic Seoul Gimpo – Jeju flight for one month, before it will be deployed on flights from Seoul Incheon to Zurich, Madrid and Toronto.

“The 787 Dreamliner will be a key member of Korean Air’s fleet as we continue to introduce next-generation airplanes to our customers,” says Walter Cho, president of Korean Air. Korean Air is getting 10 Dreamliners—five this year and five more by 2019. “The cabin features are impressive and will ensure maximum comfort for Korean Air’s passengers,”

Korean 787
(C) Korean Air