[INCIDENT] Nose Wheels separated from an Air Algerie ATR 72 on Landing at El Oued

An Air Algerie ATR-72, operating flight AH6252 landed on El Oued’s Runway 13 at about 12:00L (11:00Z) coming to a stop on the runway resting on its nose gear strut after both nose wheels separated.

The 67 passengers onboard were uninjured and disembarked onto the runway and were taken to the terminal.

The two nose wheels are visibly missing from the wheel strut ©The AvHerald

The aircraft involved in the incident was 14.8 year old Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-500 (72-212A) 7T-VUN MSN 684. Air Algerie flight AH6252 is a scheduled commercial flight from Algiers Houari Boumediene Int’l (ALG/DAAG) to El Oued Guemar Airport (ELU/DAUO).

7T-VUN seen resting on Runway 13 ©The AvHerald

Local sources reported one of the nose tyres blew on touch down and that the aircraft began to veer left and came to a stop without nose wheels.

The airline reported there were no injuries, the circumstances of the occurrence are being investigated.

METARs for the time leading up to, at the time of and after the incident

DAUO 051300Z 27007KT CAVOK 21/05 Q1020
DAUO 051200Z 28007KT CAVOK 20/04 Q1020
DAUO 051100Z 27008KT CAVOK 17/03 Q1021
DAUO 051000Z 26008KT CAVOK 16/01 Q1022
DAUO 050900Z 24007KT CAVOK 13/00 Q1021
DAUO 050800Z 23008KT CAVOK 11/M01 Q1021


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