[ACCIDENT] Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737 overruns Runway and bursts into Flames at Jauja Francisco Carlé Airport, Peru

At around 21:40Z (16:40 local time) on 28th March, a Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737-300 operating flight P9 112 touched down with excessive force on Runway 31 at Jauja Francisco Carlé Airport, causing the landing gear to collapse and the aircraft to veer off the runway, bursting into flames before skidding to a stop.

After touchdown on Runway 31, the aircraft veered off the right side of the runway. According to the airport authority CORPAC, the right hand wing of the aircraft impacted the perimeter fence. Fuel began leaking from the wing tanks and ignited.

The passengers and crew members evacuated safely whilst the fire spread, consuming a large part of the fuselage. Airport fire crews eventually extinguished the blaze.

The remains of aircraft
The smoking remains of the aircraft, Boeing 737-3M8 OB-2036-P

There were 141 passengers and crew onboard the aircraft, all of whom were evacuated and survived the accident. However, there are conflicting reports on the injuries sustained, with sources such as local media, public prosecutors and Peru’s ministry of Transport providing figures ranging from 0 to 29 injuries.

Injuries are said to include broken bones and concussions, which some reports stating that certain passengers needed to be hospitalized.

The airline released the below statement, of which we have provided a translation.

Today, being 6:30 pm, at the time of landing at the Francisco Carle Airport in Juaja; our aircraft OB-2036 a Boeing 737 turned to the right side, leaving the runway.

Thanks to the expertise and high professionalism of our cabin crew, a major mishap was avoided. The 141 passengers who were on board were evacuated by our crew, with no passengers having any injuries

The competent authorities and the company are making the corresponding inquiries

Office of Public Relations

The aircraft involved in the accident was Boeing 737-3M8 OB-2036-P, c/n 25071. The 26 year old example was manufactured in Renton, USA and has operated for TEA – Trans European Airlines, Markair, Air Europa, AirAsia, Olympic Airlines, Aerosur and Peruvian Airlines. Due to the damage sustained, the airframe has been written off.

Image result for OB-2036-P
OB-2036-P in 2014 ©César Prieto

Peruvian Airlines flight P9/PVN 112 is a domestic scheduled commercial flight within Peru, from Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM/SPJC) to Juaja Francisco Carlé Airport (JAU/SPJJ). Jauja Airport’s Elevation is 11,034 feet/3363 metres above MSL. Runway 13/31 is 2810 metres/9220 feet long.

Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth)

This YouTube video captures the aftermath of the incident; the evacuation and response from airport fire crews.


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