#MH128 Security Incident – Attempted Hijack carried out by mentally ill passenger

On 31st May, Malaysia Airlines flight MH128 returned to Melbourne Airport after a mentally ill passenger tried to enter the cockpit, stating he had explosives onboard. A statement has been released by the airline:

Other sources, including Flightradar24, state that a possible hijacker announced he had “explosives on board,” prompting the pilots to return to Melbourne. The aircraft made a safe landing and parked at a remote stand at the airport.

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US decides not to extend laptop ban for now 

Yesterday, the US has opted not to ban laptops from the cabins of planes flying between the United States and Europe, although the move remains on the table as the Trump administration examines intelligence reports on the matter.

European sources said the matter appeared closed for now after weeks of back-and-forth negotiations and panicked responses from airlines.

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BA Customer Service Shambles – How and Why I Missed my Flight this Morning

After the past few days of cancellations and delays, surely British Airways would want to up their customer service? Well for more one traveler this week, their experience with the national carrier has been less than satisfactory.

Check out this great read by Raj, aka LondonSpotter, to see what his experience with the airline was like when things didn’t go quite to plan on his trip to Edinburgh.

Irkut MC21 takes off on its maiden flight

Today the latest Russian-produced aircraft, the Irkut MC21-300 has taken off on its maiden flight from the Irkutsk Aviation Plant.

The first MC21-300 on its maiden test flight. Copyright: Denis Fedorko on Wikimedia

The aircraft is planned to entry into service in 2019 with Aeroflot. It will have a capacity of 132-163 in a standard two-class configuration and a range of up to 6000-6400km (3200-3500nm).

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