Air France-KLM to launch new low-cost concept Boost 

The Air France-KLM group announced this week their plans for a new, low-cost carrier. The new carrier, currently referred to as the Boost project, will launch using 5 Airbus A320s in the last quarter of 2017.

Image result for Air France/KLM

Air France is currently waiting on an agreement to be signed with their pilots, but has been positive towards the project and release more plans recently.

The new project will help by using an airline with a lower cost base to help increase profitability on weak long-haul routes. The project’s real name will be announced in summer 2017 and from then on the airline will prepare for launch in winter 2017.

The airline will launch with five A320s or the larger A321 and serve up to five routes feeding into the group’s Amsterdam and Paris routes. These routes will be to European destinations presumably in countries like Turkey, Italy, Spain, Germany.

In Summer 2018, the long-haul routes will be launched, most likely using Air France’s retired A340s until the A350s arrive. By Summer 2018, new mid-haul aircraft will also arrive in the fleet.

By 2020 the airline will consist of 28 airplanes, all equipped with Wi-Fi. The 10 long-haul and 18 medium-haul aircraft will represent 10% of the group’s flying.

“It will focus on ultra-competitive routes, with a mix of Asian routes in competition with the Gulf carriers and the opening of new routes,” Air France said.

“The Air France Group must react, as 35% of its long-haul routes and 80% of its medium-haul routes are not profitable. 10% of its long-haul network and 20% of its medium-haul network generate €300 million in losses every year,” Air France added.


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