GE begins GE9X certification testing

Earlier this week, GE Aviation has began testing to gain certification for its brand new GE9X engine at its Peebles Test Operation (PTO) center. The GE9X will be the only engine to power the 777X family.

The FETT GE9X undergoing testing at one of GE’s facilities. Copyright: GE Aviation
The first round of certification tests are being conducted on the second GE9X production-configured engine.  To prepare for the certification program, trials of the first full engine to test (FETT) GE9X engine commenced in March 2016, generating critical data on the performance and design of the engine. Testing of the FETT concluded earlier this year with a series of preliminary natural-icing tests at PTO, where the GE9X ran more than 50 tests, accumulating 168 hours and 162 cycles.

“Completing a full year’s worth of validation efforts on the FETT engine gave us great confidence heading into the certification program with the second GE9X engine,” said Ted Ingling, GE9X general manager at GE Aviation. “By incorporating all the learnings from the FETT engine, we start the GE9X certification program with a stable configuration and position ourselves to meet the schedule and performance expectations of our customers from Day 1 of service entry.”

As the second GE9X begins testing, assembly of the third and fourth engines is underway. In particular, the fourth GE9X is set to be installed and tested on GE’s 747-400 Flying Test Bed before the end of this year.


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