Batik Air Malaysia outlines 737 MAX 8 operations

Batik Air Malaysia have outlined their initial Boeing 737 MAX 8 operations from the carrier’s Kuala Lumpur base. The airline’s first 737 MAX 8, 9M-LRC, made it’s first revenue flight to Singapore Changi Int’l on the 22nd of May.

 @juwita_anne on Instagram

As reported by Routes Online, here is the Batik Air’s 737 MAX 8 flight schedule.

Kuala Lumpur – Dhaka
23MAY17 OD166/165
24MAY17 – 30JUN17 OD163/164, OD165/166 (from 01JUN17)

Kuala Lumpur – Lahore
01JUN17 – 30JUN17 OD131/132

Kuala Lumpur – Langkawi
01JUN17 – 30JUN17 OD2206/2205

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore
22MAY17 OD803/804
01JUN17 – 30JUN17 OD801/802


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