Gatwick Airport launches 2000 indoor navigation beacons for navigation – first in the world

As part of their airport transformation program, Gatwick Airport has installed over 2000 indoor location beacons for indoor navigation. The new system will help people navigate through the airport without problem and will reduce the amount of missed flights too.

Gatwick augmented reality

The new beacons can be used for augmented reality navigation and is more reliable than GPS due to the poor signal indoors. The information will eventually be released to third parties, like airlines and shops, allowing them to also provide information to passengers on how to access different services at the airport.

The information is already being integrated into Gatwick’s own apps.

“By providing the infrastructure we’re opening the door for a wide range of tech savvy airport providers, including our airlines and retailers, to launch new real-time services that can help passengers find their way around the airport, avoid missing flights or receive timely offers that might save them money.” said Abhi Chacko, in charge of IT Commercial & Innovation at the airport.

“We are proud to be the first airport to deploy augmented reality technology and we hope that our adoption of this facility influences other airports and transport providers so that it eventually becomes the norm.”


One thought on “Gatwick Airport launches 2000 indoor navigation beacons for navigation – first in the world

  1. Nowadays, beacons is the latest technology in IoT which helps the customers to get the latest notification of the current location either it is shopping mall, airlines, cafeteria or companies.


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