BA Customer Service Shambles – How and Why I Missed my Flight this Morning

After the past few days of cancellations and delays, surely British Airways would want to up their customer service? Well for more one traveler this week, their experience with the national carrier has been less than satisfactory.

Check out this great read by Raj, aka LondonSpotter, to see what his experience with the airline was like when things didn’t go quite to plan on his trip to Edinburgh.


I would like to start by thanking you all for your interest in what happened today. The following is an account of what happened this morning and why I was so upset with the way BA handled it all.

I arrived at Heathrow early this morning in order to visit the lounge for breakfast and take photos for my blog post. This all worked out as planned and at around 5.30 I met James. We decided to head to Concourse C to take some shots and as we saw several 767s lined up there and we predicted our flight would be on one of them. When we realised that our flight was, in fact, departing from Concourse A we got back on the train. When I reached Concourse A I realised I was being treated as an arriving passenger and being directed to ‘connecting flights’ or passport control. As soon as…

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