United Airlines to suspend Venezuela flights

Photo from airplane-pictures.net

Effective July 1st, United Airlines will be suspending flights to Venezuela, further isolating the country’s connection to the rest of the world. The South American country is currently facing severe economic turmoil and political unrest.

The airline has been serving Caracas daily from Houston and the flight has been operated via Aruba so that crews don’t need to stay overnight in the Venezuelan capital.

Schedule from airlineroute:
UA1046 IAH0140 – 0715AUA0815 – 0920CCS 73G x67
UA1046 IAH0140 – 0715AUA0815 – 0920CCS 739 67

UA1045 CCS1020 – 1445IAH 73G x67
UA1045 CCS1020 – 1445IAH 739 67

The flight will be suspended due to low demand and not meeting the airline’s financial expectations. United isn’t the only airline to pull out of the country. Alitalia, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Latam and several others have already suspended flights to the country.


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