Yemeni Airbus A310 that was “unfit to fly” takes off and returns for emergency landing after oil leak

On the 8th of June, a Yemenia – Yemen Airways Airbus A310, which was due to undergo maintenance and legally declared unfit to fly, took off from Aden Int’l Airport carrying 188 passengers before being forced to return. The crew of flight IY600 shut down one engine due to a heavy oil leak.

The aircraft after it’s emergency landing ©TheNewArab

On Sunday, the Yemeni government announced the formation of a commission of inquiry to investigate the incident, led by Justice Minister Gamal Mohamed Omar, Minister of Public Works, Moeen Abdulmalik and the head of the General Authority of Civil Aviation Saleh bin Nahid.

The incident involving Yemen’s only functioning airline has triggered public and government outrage after reports that the airline was pressured to go ahead with the flight due to a lack of air transport.

All 188 passengers, including some patients who were traveling to Cairo for medical reasons, are now staying in a hotel in Aden, with no information as the investigation takes place.

“So far, no one has visited us, we have not been informed of our departure date, and the government has not reimbursed us for the costs of our stay in Aden. We have not even had a single breakfast,”

One passenger said, according to local newspaper Yemen Monitor.

Last month, authorities said they hired planes to transport Yemeni citizens stranded in several cities and airports across the region after the national carrier canceled dozens of flights without any warning.

The aircraft involved in the incident ©Jet92

The aircraft involved in the incident was 20-year-old Airbus A310-325 7O-ADW (MSN 704), fitted with two Pratt & Whitney PW4156A turbofans. The engine was due to undergo maintenance when the oil leak occurred.

Yemenia – Yemen Airways flight IY600 is a scheduled international passenger flight from Aden Int’l Airport (ADE/OYAA) to Cairo Int’l Airport (CAI/HECA).


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