AerCaribe Antonov An-32 veers off runway at Tarapacá Airport

On the 10th of June, an AerCaribe Antonov An-32 veered off Runway 25 on landing roll out at Tarapacá Airport, Colombia. None of the 43 occupants were injured but the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

©GRIAA Colombia

The aircraft involved in the runway excursion was Antonov An-32B HK-4833 (MSN 3404). She came to rest in the grass to the right side of Runway 07/25.

Colombia’s Aerocivil reported the aircraft HK-4833 carrying 43 people suffered a runway excursion while landing in Tarapacá. There were no injuries. They have opened an investigation into the incident.

©Google Earth

Tarapacá Airport (TCD/SKRA) offers a 1,075m/3,527ft Asphalt Runway but no other arrival/departure facilities. The departure airport of the aircraft is still unknown.


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