Swiss continues retirement of Avro RJ100 fleet

Swiss International Airlines has now retired all but one of it’s British Aerospace Avro RJ100 aircraft, after HB-IYU (MSN E3379) was withdrawn from service and ferried to Cranfield Airport for handover to a new owner.

HB-IYU taxiing at Rotterdam Airport for her last flight ©Beau Nunes

The aircraft, which features a Star Alliance colour scheme, flew it’s last revenue flight from Lyon to Zurich as LX537 on June 30th. The aircraft was then withdrawn from service, and prepared for a ferry flight to the UK.

On the 3rd of July, HB-IYU flew to Rotterdam as LX7526, where it made a short stop. The affectionately named “Jumbolino,” then made its final flight to Cranfield Airport, under the same callsign.

HB-IYU making her final departure ©Beau Nunes

Swiss has operated the “Jumbolino” since March 2002, flying it to airports such as London City, which has a short runway. The venerable British airliner is well known for it’s short field performances, especially with a heavy payload.

Since 2002, Swiss has operated 25 RJ100s around Europe. The airline began to phase out the type from its fleet late last year.

For the time being, this is the RJ100 flight schedule:

Provided by Routes Online:

Zurich – Amsterdam 24JUN17
Zurich – Bari 11AUG17
Zurich – Berlin Tegel 13AUG17
Zurich – Bilbao 12AUG17
Zurich – Birmingham 29JUL17
Zurich – Brindisi 18JUN17
Zurich – Brussels 05AUG17
Zurich – Budapest 30JUL17
Zurich – Dresden 28JUN17
Zurich – Dusseldorf 24JUN17
Zurich – Florence 14AUG17
Zurich – Frankfurt 24JUN17
Zurich – Geneva 22JUN17
Zurich – Gothenburg 13AUG17
Zurich – Graz 19JUN17
Zurich – Hamburg 12AUG17
Zurich – Hanover 11AUG17
Zurich – Krakow 10AUG17
Zurich – Leipzig 23JUN17
Zurich – London City 14AUG17 (Overall last Avro RJ100 flight)
Zurich – London Heathrow 15JUL17
Zurich – Luxembourg 23JUN17
Zurich – Lyon 30JUN17
Zurich – Manchester 29JUN17
Zurich – Milan Malpensa 14AUG17
Zurich – Munich 10AUG17
Zurich – Naples 15JUN17
Zurich – Nice 09JUL17
Zurich – Paris CDG 18JUN17
Zurich – Prague 28JUL17
Zurich – Sofia 24JUN17
Zurich – Stuttgart 30JUN17
Zurich – Venice 27JUN17
Zurich – Warsaw 11AUG17
Zurich – Zagreb 09JUL17


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