Norwegian announces four new routes to the United States, two new destinations

In the past couple of days, Norwegian Air Shuttle has announced four new routes from London and Paris to the United States that will start in 2018, two to new cities that currently are not served by the airline.


As the airline celebrates its third anniversary of long-haul flights from Gatwick, it will also be launching two new routes from the airport, to Chicago and Austin. The airline will now serve 13 long-haul destinations from Gatwick. The airline announced service to Buenos Aires two weeks ago and flights to Seattle, Singapore, and Denver less recently.


Both routes will start in March 2018 and will be operated using their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. Flights to Chicago will be operated four times a week from March 25th and flights to Austin three times a week from March 27th.




From airlineroute:

London Gatwick – Austin eff 27MAR18 3 weekly
DY7181 LGW1000 – 1405AUS 789 246
DY7182 AUS1620 – 0725+1LGW 789 246

London Gatwick – Chicago O’Hare eff 25MAR18 4 weekly
DY7151 LGW1000 – 1235ORD 789 x246
DY7152 ORD1515 – 0500+1LGW 789 x246

Additionally, Norwegian will also be adding new routes from its Paris-CDG base. The airline will launch flights to Boston and Oakland, as well as increasing the frequency on existing routes.

Paris CDG – Boston eff 02MAY18 3-4 weekly
DY7149 CDG1810 – 1950BOS 789 357
DY7149 CDG1945 – 2125BOS 789 1

DY7150 BOS2150 – 1030+1CDG 789 357

Paris CDG – Oakland eff 10APR18 4 weekly
DY7079 CDG1215 – 1430OAK 789 2
DY7079 CDG1615 – 1820OAK 789 4
DY7079 CDG1645 – 1850OAK 789 6
DY7079 CDG1815 – 2020OAK 789 7

DY7080 OAK1630 – 1145+1CDG 789 2
DY7080 OAK2020 – 1535+1CDG 789 4
DY7080 OAK2050 – 1605+1CDG 789 6
DY7080 OAK2220 – 1735+1CDG 789 7

The airline will add a total of 8 additional frequencies on the routes to New York and Los Angeles.

Paris CDG – Los Angeles eff 03MAY18 Increase from 4 to 6 weekly
DY7097 CDG1515 – 1800LAX 789 x7
DY7098 LAX2000 – 1540+1CDG 789 x7

Paris CDG – New York JFK eff 28FEB18 Increase from 6 to 12 weekly
DY7021 CDG1305 – 1530JFK 789 x2
DY7019 CDG1805 – 2030JFK 789 x6

DY7022 JFK1730 – 0630+1CDG 789 x2
DY7020 JFK2230 – 1130+1CDG 789 x6


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