Thomas Cook 757 evacuated on Runway after smoke enters the cabin

A Thomas Cook Airlines Boeing 757 was lined up on Runway 16/34 at Hurghada Int’l Airport for departure when smoke appeared in the cabin of the airliner. All 251 passengers and nine crew were evacuated onto the Runway via emergency slides. A small number of people received minor injuries.

G-JMOG at Manchester ©Callum H

The aircraft operating flight MT519 on the day was Thomas Cook Airlines Boeing 757-330(WL) G-JMOG (MSN 29014), painted in the Condor livery.

Flight MT519 to London Gatwick was heavily delayed on 18th July. G-JMOG was diverted to London Stansted on the 17th of July, because of thunderstorms over London. A repositioning flight to London Gatwick lead to delays of future scheduled flights.

The scheduled departure was on the 18th of July, at 9:10 PM. However, the inbound flight MT518, arrived in Hurghada just over three hours behind schedule. This meant the return service departure time was moved into the next day, 19th July.

The airline reported all 251 customers and 9 crew aboard MT519 evacuated the aircraft via slides at 01:35 AM local time (23:35Z Jul 18th) onto the runway and were transported back to the terminal. Minor injuries were sustained by some passengers.

Airport sources reported smoke appeared from below a passenger’s seat prior to departure causing panic amongst the passengers, prompting the crew to initiate an emergency evacuation.

A stampede resulted in a number of injuries, one passenger reportedly received a serious injury (fracture), others minor injuries (mainly bruises). The cause of the smoke was identified to be a technical malfunction, the aircraft was examined and returned to service. However, the airline decided to dispatch a replacement aircraft.

Passengers reported there had been smoke in the cabin. The airline told them only a “controlled evacuation” took place in the best interest of all passengers aboard. They were left without further information as to when they would now depart and return home. Overnight accommodation for passengers and crew was arranged.

D-ABON departing Munich ©Thomas Vatany

Currently, Condor Boeing 757-330(WL) D-ABON (MSN 29023) is operating a chartered flight from Frankfurt to Hurghada under the flight number MT519, to pick up the stranded passengers and crew. The aircraft will fly them to London Gatwick under the same flight number.


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