Cavok Air Antonov An-74 involved in Serious Runway Excursion

On the 29th of July, a Cavok Air Antonov An-74 was damaged beyond repair after the aircraft suffered a serious runway excursion at São Tomé Island Airport (TMS / FPST), São Tomé and Príncipe. Five of the six crew members onboard were injured, with one requiring surgical treatment.

©Анатолій Мазуренко

During takeoff roll from Runway 29, the aircraft suffered a bird strike to the right hand side (No.2) engine. The flight crew attempted to abort the takeoff, but the aircraft failed to stop before the end of the runway.

©Анатолій Мазуренко

It then continued down an embankment and came to rest next to the airport’s perimeter fence. The forward fuselage broke just in front of the wing, while the nose section was partially separated from the forward fuselage. The airframe was damaged beyond repair and will be written off.


In it’s final resting position, the aircraft’s left hand side (No.1) engine had it’s thrust reverser stowed, while the thrust reverser on the right hand side (No.2) engine was deployed.

UR_CKC pictured at Birmingham Airport in 2016 ©Patryk Bromboszcz

The aircraft involved in the incident was Antonov An-74TK-100 UR-CKC (MSN 36547095905). The cargo configured aircraft was built in 1992, and is fitted with 2x Lotarev D-36 high bypass turbofan engines.

Two days before the accident, on July 27th, UR-CKC had flown to São Tomé from Stavanger, Norway via Luxembourg City, Luxembourg and Ghardaïa, Algeria. It is presumed she was departing for the return flight.

Here are the METAR weather readings for the approximate time of the accident:

08:00 UTC / 08:00 local time:
FPST 290800Z 17004KT 9999 SCT025 25/20 Q1016 NOSIG

10:00 UTC / 10:00 local time:
FPST 291000Z 14013KT 9999 FEW025 SCT040 27/21 Q1015 NOSIG

An accident investigation commission has been formed by Ukrainian officials


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