Ethiopian government to create an Ethiopian Aviation Holding Group

The Ethiopian Government has announced plans to establish a new Aviation Holding Group to oversee the country’s numerous aviation-related interests.


In a statement, the government said the holding firm would oversee Ethiopian Airlines, its Cargo and MRO units, the Ethiopian Aviation Academy, Ethiopian in-flight Catering Services, and Ethiopian Hotel and Tourism Services. The firm responsible for running the country’s airports and aerodromes, the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise, has also been included.

Tewodros Dawit, CEO of Ethiopian Airports Enterprise said:

‘The group’s formation is a step forward to improve the competitiveness of the Ethiopian Airlines Hub by taking advantage of the proven record of fast and sustainable growth strategy.

The new structure will help the Ethiopian Airport Enterprise to formulate integrated strategy to provide global standard services to all users allowing Ethiopia to continue its aviation leadership in Africa.”

Aside from greater economies of scale as well as mutual synergies, the group holding structure will also allow all of its units to cooperate towards a shared long term vision while sharing a common planning platform.

Ethiopian Airlines is in the process of implementing its fifteen-year strategic growth plan, Vision 2025.


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