Lion Air 737 and Wings Air ATR 72 clip wings at Medan Airport

Indonesian authorities are investigating an incident that occured at Medan Airport on the 3rd of August, in which a Lion Air 737-900(ER) and a Wings Air ATR 72-500 clipped wings.

The Lion Air Boeing 737 was operating flight JT197 from Banda Aceh, while the Wings Air turboprop was awaiting takeoff clearance to Meulaboh. It is currently unknown as to how the incident happened, and whether it took place on a runway or taxiway.

As shown in the above pictures, the ATR 72 suffered the worse damage, as a large section of the right wing was sheared off completely. The 737 suffered substantial damage to the leading edge of its left wing. The slats have been badly cracked and bent out of shape.

The aircraft involved in the incident are 5 year old Boeing 737-9GP(ER)(WL) PK-LJZ (MSN 37296) and 8 year old ATR 72-500 (72-212A) PK-WFF (MSN 869).

A Lion Air Group spokesman said that it’s still unclear how the incident happened, but he said that both aircraft are now grounded and that no one was injured in the event.

A similar accident occurred almost a year and four months ago in Halim, involving a BatikAir 737-900ER and a Transnusa ATR 72-600.


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