Silver Airways announces order for up to 50 ATR aircraft

This week, Florida-based carrier Silver Airways announced a new growth and expansion plan, which includes an order for 50 French built ATR turboprop aircraft, worth up to $1.1 Billion USD.

The airline has ordered 20 ATR 42-600 aircraft, which will gradually replace its current fleet of 23 Saab aircraft, based at Fort Lauderdale Airport. It also has options for 30 more aircraft, including the larger ATR 72-600.

Silver Airways new CEO Steven Rossum commented on the expansion plans:

“The momentum of our airline, as demonstrated by the order for new ATR-600 series aircraft [and] the potential for Caribbean expansion … were the key reasons I decided to join Silver.

[We] are fully focused on safety, reliability, growth and working toward fulfilling Silver’s promising future.”

The first four aircraft are planned to enter the fleet later this year, with the remainder to be delivered by early 2020.

ATR CEO Christian Scherer also commented on the order:

“Silver’s detailed evaluation vindicates our belief that the ATR 42-600 is the obvious aircraft … to upgrade older 30-50 seat regional fleets.

The traveling public in the US will discover that … flying on board a modern prop-jet bears no comparison to the regional aircraft of yesteryear.”

The airline is also look at a possible cooperation with San Juan-based Seaborne Airlines, which currently operates a Caribbean network with a fleet of 10 aircraft.


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