TAP Portugal and Iberia reroute flights to Caracas due to security concerns

Some of the last international carriers to continue services to Caracas’ Simón Bolívar Int’l Airport are now rerouting their flight schedules due to security concerns, during Venezuela’s political unrest.

©Sigurdur Benediktsson

Due to the hostile political climate in Venezuela, both airlines have now opted to operate their flights with a technical stop before Venezuela. This will allow the airlines to continue serving the country throughout the political unrest.

Iberia’s outbound flight from Madrid will now make a technical stop in Santo Domingo, where a new set of crew will board to operate the flight to Caracas and then the nonstop back to Madrid. The airline has opted to reroute the flights to avoid compromising the safety of the crew, so that they no longer have to overnight in Venezuela. The flights will be operated using the airline’s Airbus A330-200 aircraft.

TAP Portugal will be doing the similar. Outbound flights from Lisbon will make a technical stop in Curacao to refuel and supply a new set of crew, before the flying to Venezuela. The return flight goes directly back to Portugal.


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