Turbulence injures 10 people on American Airlines flight

On the 5th of August, three passengers and seven cabin crew members were injured by severe turbulence onboard American Airlines flight AA759 from Athens to Philadelphia.

N267AY, the aircraft operating the flight on the day ©William VIGNES

AA759 was passing Long Island during descent into Philadelphia at 14:35 local time, when the aircraft encountered turbulence. Passengers reported flight attendants were serving drinks when the aircraft seemed to drop. Everything including the drinks were lifted by about 4 feet, and impacted the cabin ceiling. The drinks then rained down on passengers and crew, soaking them.

The flight continued to Philadelphia for a safe landing about 35 minutes later. The airline reported that the three passengers and seven crew injured were taken to hospital. One flight attendant appeared to have dislodged her shoulder.

A map provided by NASA showing the weather over Eastern North America at the time of the incident

The US Aviation Weather Service reported that an A330 pilot reported moderate to severe turbulence causing 2 severe bumps and injuries to passengers and cabin crew off the eastern end of Long Island at FL280.

On Aug 7th 2017 the FAA reported the aircraft encountered turbulence about 10nm off the coast of Long Island, 7 crew and 3 passengers received minor injuries.

The aircraft operating AA759 on the 5th of August was Airbus A330-323 N267AY (MSN 375), originally delivered to US Airways in January 2001.

Flight AA759 is a scheduled passenger flight from Athens-Elefthérios Venizélos Int’l Airport (ATH / LGAV) to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL / KPHL).


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