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We are a team of young people, with a passion for aviation. In March 2016, Eric and Andrea had the idea to start this blog, to cover the most important news about the amazing world of aviation. We then expanded our team to become who we are now.

We post daily news reports and occasional flight reports, airshow reviews and planespotting trips.

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2 thoughts on “About us

  1. In your recent article on United’s new Boeing 777-ER, you wrote:
    “The first intercontinental flight will be from San Francisco International to Hong Kong on March 25, this aircraft will replace the aging Boeing 747-400s being operated on these routes.”

    Correction: A flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Hong Kong (HKG) is NOT an “intercontinental” flight. It is a “trans-pacific” flight. An “intercontinental” flight is any flight within the same country.


    • An intercontinental flight is a flight between two continents. A flight between the opposite sides of the same continent should be intracontinental. Inter and intra derive from Latin: inter means “between”, intra means “inside”. So intercontinental literally means “between continents”; intracontinental literally means “within a continent”.

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