Live coverage of the upcoming Paris Air Show on The World of Aviation!

Coming this week is the long-awaited Paris Air Show! We will be covering the biennial event here on the site as we progress through the weekend, and hopefully, we can expect lots of new orders and exciting news. The official Paris Air Show website can be found here. In addition to being released as separate articles, all Paris Air Show-related announcements will be linked on here.

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Picture from the 50th Paris Air Show

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New Nigerian carrier jetWest looks to become Africa’s “easyJet”

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New Nigerian airline jetWest aims to start domestic operations in Nigeria in December this year. Nigeria, a country of nearly 200 million, has faced a lot of problems with its air industry lately. Bad airport infrastructure and the partial collapse of its largest airline has made the accessibility to air travel quite bad in the country lately. This is why airline founder, Dikko Nwachukwu, wants to revolutionize the airline industry in the country.

“We want to do for travel what cell phones did for telecoms. Fifteen years ago, there were less than one million phone lines in Nigeria and now there are 100 million. We could have 100 million (air) travelers, and I know JetWest will be in the middle of the revolution,”

The airline wants to launch with 100 employees and 3 Airbus A320 jets. The airline wants to become the “easyJet of Africa” by offering cheap fares and vibrant color scheme to attract new customers.

“We will cut out everything not core to the business and focus on getting fliers from A to B. Beyond that, we will have unbundled services so customers can pick and choose what they want.”

The airline hopes to become the biggest one in Nigeria. Starting with 3, expanding to 15 within three years and up to 40 within 5. This will help the carrier carry over 10 million passengers a year.

UEFA Champions League Charter Traffic & Business Jets at Gloucestershire Airport

On the 3rd of June, the UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus was held at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. In order to transport thousands of fans to the game, the Welsh FA chartered hundreds of flights into airports around the South West of the United Kingdom.

Iberia, Alitalia, Vueling, Air Europa, Sprint Air and many others, including private charters, flew into airports in the region. On the day, I headed to my local airport, Gloucestershire Staverton Airport, to catch some of the action! All photos are mine, taken with a Canon EOS 700D & EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM zoom lens.

SP-SPE taxiing to Runway 27

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United Airlines flight canceled due to fuel leak

A United Airlines flight from Newark to Venice was canceled due to a fuel leak while the aircraft was still taxiing at Newark Liberty Airport. The aircraft was a United 767-300ER.

This comes after a bunch of earlier incidents this week with other United Airlines 767-300ERs. N651UA turned back near Halifax after the loss of cabin pressure on a flight from Newark to Geneva and N676UA, the replacement aircraft, returned to Newark after problems with the equipment cooling systems.